Pre Launch

Building the Community. Our approach; The community comes first. We want to create a safe-space for the holders and a community where the members have a big influence on the project through voting polls and discussions.The PP’s are friendly creatures and demand the same from their owners. Friendship and kindness is a big part of our identity. Short story short. We want to create a long-term, passionate, enthusiastic and community driven project full of friends with the same goal in mind; To let the PP’s rise!

Phase 1

Giving back to the community. As holders you gave the PP’s friends. The PP’s are grateful and what kind of friend would they be if they didn't give anything in return.

50% of all secondary marked royalties will go back to the project.

The other 25% will be evenly distributed to all holders with a matching set. (see Phase 4)

Phase 2

Merch. Who doesn't want to rock some real life PP drip? All members of “The Friendzone” will be able to influence and have their saying in the designing phase. Discounts will be given to all holders.

Phase 3

"The FriendZone" Games. While the PP’s love for friendship stands strong, their lust for adrenaline-filled competitions might make them look past it for the sake of glory. In order to keep them in a stable condition “The FriendZone” games were created. That way they have a healthy way to release their energy, while earning rewards..

Phase 4

Creating excitement Creating excitement for the holders is important to us, therefore once the PP's sell out, every holder will be able to get a random PixPal for free. There is a 1:1 ratio, which means if you own 5 PP’s you can claim 5 PixPals. The first 5 people who manage to gather a matching set of their PaidPal and PixPal will get 3 Eth sent to their wallet. The PixPals are already created and waiting to become yours!

Roadmap 2.0

When all phases of Roadmap 1.0 is completed, Roadmap 2.0 will be created in collaboration with the community, with more funds at our disposal.